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Katarina Cas (born September 23, 1976) is a Slovenian actress and TV host.

Čas was born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia. Her first appearance on television was a 1988 commercial for Cockta, a Slovene carbonated soft drink company, directed by Jaka Judnič. Her first movie was Peklenski načrt (Inferno Plan), Slovene youth film from 1989. She started to appear on TV more often from 1997, as a host of music program for younger generations called Atlantis which was broadcast on Kanal A. Since 2005 she has hosted a music program called Aritmija on RTV Slovenija. Her most prominent role so far was 2013 comedy film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which she portrayed Chantalle. She will also portray Sophie in 2014 upcoming film Imagine about John Lennon.
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