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Katie Findlay (born August 28, 1990) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her role as Rosie Larsen in the American crime drama television series The Killing. She currently portrays Maggie Landers in The CW's teen drama The Carrie Diaries.

Findlay was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on August 28, 1990. She lives in the west coast city of Vancouver. She was a ballerina for twelve years until she quit due to a back injury and for the opportunity to have "real people feet". She enjoys art history, singing, comic books and having the ballerina's advantage at yoga. She is of Portuguese, Chinese, English and Scottish descent.

With two CBC pilots under her belt, Findlay got her first network gig guest starring on the Fox sci-fi series Fringe. She also played Emily in the television film Tangled. She has guest starred on several television series including Endgame, Continuum and Stargate Universe. On February 27, 2012, Findlay was cast as Maggie Landers on The CW's teen drama series The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Sex and the City. In 2012, she landed the role of Bonnie in the science fiction film The Philosophers.
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